Soundstill Series

The Soundstill Series:

Emblems of harmony derived from music.



Each piece in the Soundstill Series is named according to its sonic analogue,

including intervals such as the Major Third and the Perfect Fifth.

Rendered in flowing mercurial line, a calligraphic dance around a void, each angle of each piece tells a story.





Carefully guarded symmetries reveal themselves with sometimes startling immediacy and the images evoked are myriad, from atomic to celestial, to figures and faces.




Likened to frozen music, these unprecedented forms are inspired by the harmonograph, a device from early in the last century which used swinging pendulums attached to drawing tools to visually depict harmonizing musical tones.

The most cutting edge computer modeling technology has been employed to translate this process to the third dimension of space and of sonic harmony.

Each piece is first cast from a 3d printed wax master model and then hand-polished to a wet shine.



Find in our ever-evolving collection the piece that speaks to the musician, the poet, the scientist, to the seeker in your life or in yourself.


Thank You

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